Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Codeline Attendance Management (CAM)

Codeline Attendance management(CAM) is a system with which you can keep track of your employees and their working hours. Attendance management solution also helps keep a tab on how much time employees take off from work.

Codeline (CAM) features you can create & manage shifts, define attendance policies, track every employee’s in/out time, record work-from-home/out-duty attendance, and much more.


Being a browser-based software, CAM enables your organisation to do away with any need for machinery for physical attendance management system. Your employees can easily log in/out from the comfort of their browsers! Our IP based security features ensure no one from outside your office can clock-in for the day. What’s more, our system can easily “talk” (connect) with your present bio-metric/Face-recognised/adhar enabled systems as well.