Codeline Logistics Management System

Codeline Logistics Management System

Cement/Gas/Coal Industries Solution


 Tracking the KPIs with regards to Inbound / Outbound process management to improve productivity / plant process efficiency

 Integration with Transporters for complete Sales Orders Management, Delivery of Material, MIS etc…

 Implementing Controls and Checks around Logistics Operations

 Weigh Bridge Automation / integration to reduce Theft and Plant in-time for vehicles  Run Time Production counting for Outbound Process

 Improve the Packer efficiency

 Automatic MRP Printing on Bags to remove manual errors

 Controlling Busted g Bags and Increase Plant ‘s Dispatch

 Tracking Material to Dealers. End Users and Manage Proof of Delivery

 Managing Transporters Invoices


 Minimize paperwork and dependency on people

 Improve plant safety  Improve service level to customers

Application Overview

 Integration with ERP SD Module via Web Services

 Online Module for Transporters to see Sales Orders and accept the same (possibility based upon rules to accept or bid)

Rules Based allocation / prioritization on the following:

 Preferred County

 Capacity of Truck

 Past History

 Transporters wise Dashboard / Report showcasing their Performance (visible to Transporters and Plant Management)