Retail & E-Commerce

The Indian retail industry is one of the fastest growing in the World and has emerged as the most dynamic industry.

This sector is a mix of online and offline platforms and products streaming in from across the globe to the customers.

Globalization and choice between multiple platforms, delivery options, payment options and suppliers have increased the pressure and competition in the industry.

In such a scenario, retailer who is able to match up with customer’s expectations is the one who can survive.

However, in order to be successful in this endeavour, it is important for him to optimize his inventory levels, streamline his supply chain and be efficient with trend analysis and forecasting abilities along with an ability to bring changes in his system commensurate with the pace of change in the market.

Contemplating the requirements of the market, Codeline has solutions offering wide set of benefits to the sector.

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Item Level Intelligence
  • Point of Sale
  • Q-busting Solutions
  • Bin Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Price Mark Down Management
  • Self-Shopping
  • Loyalty Management Solutions
  • Reverse Logistics