Warehouse Inventory Management Solution

Warehouse Inventory Management Solution

A Warehouse Inventory Management Solution is an essential tool for virtually any business that handles inventory. It allows you to keep track of many thousands of items, quickly reorder products when they get too low, and make sure you never have too many or too few products on hand. All of this improves your bottom line and even strengthens your relationships with customers by ensuring you can give them what they want when they want it. Whether you have a single warehouse or multiple warehouses, you can make use of this type of system to help you make the most efficient use of your resources across the board. Codeline WIMS Software used for Barcode Inventory management and MIS reports will be generated showing the location of all assets in the system based on the last update. The software is client & server based as per client requirement. The Software will run on Server /desktop PC as well as on hand heldĀ  mobile computer Barcode scanner. The server for the software in each location shall be integrated with client ERP system. The exchange / updation of relevant data between barcoding software and ERP will take place directly into backend ERP database table.


1. Goods Receipt:

After the quality & quantity check, the Barcoding software & barcode printer will be used for generating the GRN or MRN (Material Receipt Note) barcode labels for pasting on incoming material.

2. Put Away of Materials:  

After GRN using Hand Held Mobile computer barcode scanner (HHT) the workers to put away the received material in the storage location based on the type, volume and MM codification for the materials. By scanning the GRN barcode label & respective location barcode, the materials put away are updated via Wireless LAN in the ERP to facilitate future retrieval of goods for issue to end users. 

3. Goods Issue:

The respective department creates Requisition / Reservation in the ERP system.  The approved Requisition/ Pick List are updated into the Hand Held Mobile Computer barcode scanner (HHT) and the Warehouse staff issues the material by scanning the GRN barcode label & location barcode & enters the issued quantity. Using HHT through wireless LAN the issuance posting is done in ERP, so that all materials those were issued are removed from the inventory, to reflect the exact stock in hand.